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Bottle Brush

Bottle Brush

SKU: 0000062

The Premium Bottle Brush is a unique design, extensively tested to ensure it fits into the popular narrow-necked reusable water bottles. In fact it is the only natural fiber brush that fits these bottles. The 100% natural coconut fiber bristles are long and flexible allowing them to compress to fit through the narrow neck and to spring back out ready to clean right into those hard to reach corners. This brush is ideal for your reusable water bottles, baby bottles, wine glasses, vases and jars. Ethically handmade from 100% natural, sustainable coconut fibers, this bottle brush won’t become smelly or moldy with use and once it has reached the end of its life simply throw it in the compost to biodegrade naturally.


Dimensions: Length: Brush Head 7.5"/ Box 15.25", Width: 2.25"
Made in Sri Lanka

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