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Dryer Sachets

Dryer Sachets


Replace desposible dryer sheets with these lovely refillable dryer sachets. Traditional dryer sheets are costly, can do major damage on drying machines and are toxic for our health.


Fill our cotton dryer sachets with our 4 ounce lavender refills or your own botanicals. High quality velcro keeps sachets securely closed. Pull tabs at the opening make it easy to open when refilling. Simply place the sealed bag in your dryer when drying your clothing or linens. Always keep bag sealed completely when using. Lavender will last months. Compost botanicals when scent is gone. Bag is washable when empty. Do not wash the bag with filling inside.


4oz lavender botantical refill sold seperately! Browse all our non-toxic cleaning goods under the CLEANING catergory on our SHOP page.

Measurements: 4 x 5; holds 1 oz of dried lavender buds.

Handmade in California, USA by Stephanie Jo.

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