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Banneton Proofing Basket

Banneton Proofing Basket

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Why use a banneton bowl? A stiffer dough typically made with less water will spread less than a wet dough. Wet, slack dough such as highly hydrated sourdough will spread more. That is why bannetons are usually encountered in sourdough baking circles. You can however, use a banneton for any type of bread that you are making. If you leave dough to rise free form, it can spread out and flatten as the gluten relaxes. To ensure the dough rises upwards rather than outwards, use a banneton to encourage the rising direction and give it support.



8.5″ inside diameter at the rim. Liner is included.

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  • Use and Care Instructions:

    How to Use: Dust the proofing basket with flour and the risen dough drops easily onto your baking surface. For proofing very wet doughs, as called for with the popular no knead bread recipes, for example, the cloth liner is the simplest solution. Working flour (rice flour is particularly effective) into the cloth liner will release wet dough.

    Care Instructions: Cleaning the Brotform proofing basket is usually just a matter of tapping it on the edge of your kitchen sink. If necessary, rinse it out with hot water with your faucet in spray mode. Shake off excess water and place upside down over still warm oven to dry quickly. Don’t use soap.

  • Dimensions

    9" x  4"

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