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Wild Eats Campsite Cookbook

Wild Eats Campsite Cookbook

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Tools and tips for gear, techniques, and recipe substitutions; Recipes for beginners and seasoned backpackers; Best practices for following Leave No Trace ethics for cooking; Whether you’re glamping for the weekend with the family or spending a month backpacking on a long trail, this image-rich cookbook offers creative recipes, ideas, and solutions for making delicious and nutritious meals outdoors. Designed for all skill levels, this cookbook will teach the essentials of how to cook in the outdoors, cover what tools and cookware you’ll need, and share more advanced techniques for those looking to level-up their outdoor cooking. Focused on simple, lightweight, and affordable meals, Wild Eats: Campsite Cooking explores the joys of culinary creativity wherever your trail takes you. Broken into three easy sections—How to Cook, Car Camping, and Backpacking— this cookbook is an inspirational tool for novice chefs to backcountry gourmets and everyone in between.

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