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What Roots Us

We are a community of people rooted down to a place where we can create a simple life. We buy land, build a house, start a family, grow our food and we cultivate a life encompassed in love. At The Rooted Market, we strive to cultivate a sovereign home with sustainable, quality goods rooted in values. 


We are rooted in our faith.


At The Rooted Market, faith in God is what keeps us grounded. It keeps us in check. It is what keeps us true in this fickle world. Faith is what encourages us daily to be our most authentic selves. It's where our roots grow the deepest.

While the brands we carry are not all necessarily faith-based,  they are creators we respect because they are also rooted in similar values.


We are rooted in nature.​

At The Rooted Market, we believe in the wonders of nature and that all living things were created to exist in harmony. We believe in living a natural life by respecting the earth as it was perfectly designed and adapting a lifestyle that supports it's natural flow.

We aim to choose brands that are conscience of nature. We carry natural, sustainable, non-toxic goods. We are committed to keeping our plastic waste under 10%.


We are rooted in community.

At the Rooted Market, we carry home goods by small creators, home-based businesses and farmer's market vendors in our local communities. All of our brands are based out of North America.

We are committed to carrying quality made, non-toxic goods. What something is made of, what is in it, where it comes from and who made it matters.

Our Artists, Craftsmen & Creators

  • Crooked Oak Woodcraft (Kitchen Utensils); Mississippi, USA

  • Farm Milk Soapery (Pottery & Dish Soaps); Mississippi, USA

  • Stephanie Jo's (Kitchen Textiles); California, USA

  • Vermont Rolling Pin; Vermont, USA

  • Prairie Bee (Beeswax Wraps); The Prairie Lands of Canada

  • George's Brooms; Alabama, USA

  • Heart of Montana Hemp (Hemp Bath Goods); Montana, USA

  • Threaded Hill (Organic Sourdough Starters); New Jersey, USA

  • Honeywild Apothecary (Beauty Goods); Florida, USA

  • Nourish You Naturally (Beauty Goods); Kentucky, USA

  • Bucktown Seed Co.; Mississippi, USA

  • Piper & Leaf Tea Co. (Natural herbal teas/health); Alabama, USA

  • Arkadia Homestead (Goat's Milk Soaps & Lotions); Arizona, USA

  • Barnyard Coffee (Organic Coffee); Louisana, USA

  • Shiver's & Sweat Woodworks (Bread making tools); Tennessee, USA

  • Hollow Handcrafts (Handcrafted Wooden Brooms); Ohio, USA

  • Wild Hawk Ranch (homemade local preserves); North Carolina, USA

Long Live Small Business!

*If you are interested in advertising your small business here in The Rooted Market community, please fill out the collaboration form located on the Contact page.

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