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Be Still...

Sometimes God asks us to move mountains. Of course, only after He has fully equipped us to do so. There will be many times in this life He will call us to make some bold moves (like selling your home and moving across the country). Then sometimes, He asks us to simply "be still". To do nothing. I feel like that is what He is calling me to do right now. We've been making bold moves for a year now, and then suddenly things with The Rooted Market seemed to slow down tremendously...

Summer has always notoriously been a slow time in retail. Add in a major economic recession. Any small business like ours is bound to feel that stall. Fortunately, I expected it and was fully prepared to line up several in-person pop-up events. To my surprise, I haven't been able to find many festivals here in eastern NC that I feel our store would do well at. I also I haven't been accepted to be in a single event I have signed up for. "So strange", I thought to myself. I never had this problem last year.

So, I decided to see if any businesses or farms wanted to collaborate and host our pop-up shop. I went to some local Christian coffee shops, a roadside nursery, and some flower farms. I even went to one of the coffee shops to follow up a second time. Talk about pathetic. Why not a single one has excitedly followed up with me is unbeknownst to me.

So I continued to pray on this little business of ours. I anxiously listened for God's next set of instructions. He had been so clear on his plan for our family and business last year. He asked us to make some pretty bold moves. Mountain moving obedience had become exciting and the more we did it, the easier it got for us.

Finally, I asked God, please speak to me. Please tell me what move you want me to make next. I'll do whatever it is you ask. No matter how bold. I'm ready to move some more mountains. In that prayer, I finally heard him whisper...

"Be still."

Sometimes he asks us to slow down. Pause. Hang back. Sit tight. I don't need you to move any mountains right now. I need you to rest. Reflect. Recharge. Just chill out and do nothing.

So, here I am, trying my best to be obedient. Do nothing when we have business bills to pay. Have faith that He will sustain this business in the stillness. That He is surely working out something great as we speak.


*If you are interested in advertising your small business here in The Rooted Market community, please fill out the collaboration form located on the Contact page.

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