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Things are so different here, in this new place. I often find myself asking God, "Why here? Where are you taking this business?" You see, when we settled into our new home in eastern North Carolina, I drove around to get a feel for our local area. While the land is heavenly, it quickly became apparent that the options for a small business around here were grim. Our local main street is literally in ruins. Beautiful old buildings crumbling to pieces with a severely impoverished area creeping it's way down a once vibrant main street.

After realizing I would likely not be moving into a storefront any time soon, I tried not to panic, although panic was setting in. I was cracking the window open for the enemy the moment I stopped trusting God. We hadn't been able to put much focus on The Rooted Market in the middle of our move from Mississippi to North Carolina. Going months without much income but still not shutting the business down was costing us big time. And quite honestly, online sales alone just don't cut it. Rarely can a small business sustain on online sales or in-person alone. With the crumbling of main streets and having to compete with the Amazons and Targets, a small business has to have both to even have a chance of long-term survival.

I told myself I wouldn't be doing anymore pop-up shops once we moved. You see, most of the time it is me doing it all by myself. My husband works 5-7 days of the week and my children are too young to help with much. Our pop-up is a lot of work. It's starts with me, alone, strategically packing up all the goods from our shop in huge storage containers. Carefully wrapping up everything that is breakable. Then I load those very heavy containers into my truck. My husband built me a farmhouse table that comes apart and even has a hidden rope handle so I can carry it on my own. Good man. I also load up a cumbersome tent and all the behind-the-scenes supplies. Not to mention, a lunch box with food and an entire gallon of water. You would be surprised how dehydrated one can get at these events.

I pray every time I start to set up at an event, that some kind person will offer to help me set up my tent as it is impossible to set up on my own. There is always that gentleman who offers. Anyhow, I won't go into all it takes to set up and work a pop-up. Just know, it's a lot of work. Not only is it a lot of work, I have found it is not a good place for children to spend their time. So I can only do events when my husband is not working so he can keep our boys. Can you see why I am so "picky" about what events I choose to set up at? My time and energy is so precious these days.

From the beginning, I have been careful about what events and places we set up at. As I have progressed in my own journey to heaven, I find myself sensitive to demonic energy. Something I was completely blind to before salvation. I danced with the devil daily without even realizing it. Hence why my heart and mind were always such a sad, complicated mess before. Now, I am obedient to God. And in that obedience, not only is there peace and abundance, but protection. God is constantly trying to protect His children from the devil's schemes. But the devil knows us just as well as God does. Something I never knew until a year or so ago. The devil doesn't want Christians to know he is real. Because once we do, we stop dancing with him. The music stops and the battle begins. He stops being our invisible friend and becomes our obvious enemy.

We start to see him everywhere. In our homes, in the people we love, in ourselves, in our churches, in our communities, in our small businesses, in our farms, in seemingly innocent local events, in brands and products. He is a disease that is celebrated by those openly doing his bidding and is unknowingly being spread by "good" people who can't see him. But we can if we open our eyes. God warns us of him. He protects us from the harm the devil seeks to cause. But how often do we listen? How often do we use discernment as consumers? How often do we ask God, "Are you in this? Or is the devil?" The places we go, the events we partake in, the people we spend our time with, even the goods we buy can have a demonic energy attached to it. And that demonic energy attaches to us. Just like a disease.

Does this worry me? Not for myself or my family or my business. God lives within our home and our business. Just as importantly, I know the devil's schemes. I know what to look for in my daily life. I am washed in the blood of Christ. I am equipped with the armor of God. Most importantly, I listen to discernment. If it doesn't feel right, that is God warning me. Saying, "There's something you can't see right now, but I can. Pause and look more into this." I constantly do this with my business. I protect it at all costs from the enemy. I know for certain, this is why I am having difficulty finding pop-up shop locations. Why I am being rejected by events and people here. Because the demonic energy plagues this place. And most don't even know they are dancing with the devil in what seems like the most innocent of moments.

With that said, I don't necessarily stay away from demonic places. I know it is everywhere. Even in the most unlikely of places. Instead, I put on the full armor of God each day. I stare down the devil when I see him. He doesn't even try me anymore because he has no armor. He has no strength over me or this business now that I can see him clearly.

So, you can see why I am "picky" about what we sell, where we sell our goods and who we collaborate with. The Rooted Market is God's vision. For whatever reason, He has chosen me. He has laid this responsibility on me to carry out and be the keeper of His vision. So regardless of what the world thinks about me or The Rooted Market...I am not of this world, I work for The Lord and Him alone. And in Him I am faithful. Faithful that He will sustain this business and faithful He will deliver us wherever He needs us to glorify Him.

Ephesians 5

Ephesians 6:10

Colossians 3:2

~Casey G.

Owner & Shopkeeper

*These are just a handful of what God has shown me as I open my eyes to His decernment. This is my way of shining His light on the darkness we too often are too afraid to face as Christians. Mind you these are all local to eastern NC. This area is rural farm country, not a big city. And as a Christian, I love all, the way God loves us but not our sin. Therefore, I will not accept another's sin for the sake of my own salvation.

  1. This "farm" celebrates Barbie, Taylor Swift, "Pride" and gives to "LGBT+ youth outreach". Their brand theme is "Lisa Frank". They highlight on social media often their children's area adorned with rainbows and various cartoon characters and toys. 2. This other farm (they actually have livestock) celebrates pride, and hosts events promoting witchcraft including tarot card readings and "moon ritual" events. 3. This market is fully centered around witchcraft. 4. One of many witchcraft businesses that hosts monthly craft and food markets. 5. Not shown, the market at the local Christian coffee shop (that turned me down) allowed an Arts Council from another county to come have an innocent "Mother's Day" market. The Greene County Arts Council's main charity is "LGBT+ youth outreach" as well. 6. The local farmers market (that turned me down) has a vendor who sells crystals. 7. I met a woman, who I discovered is a witch, owns a lovely antique store in town. I have been ministering to her in hopes she will come to Christ. 8. There are goods made by witches that are sold throughout town including many of the places I was rejected by including farms, farmers markets, Christian businesses, etc. There are so many more things I have found, but you get my drift. Time for us to wake up.


*If you are interested in advertising your small business here in The Rooted Market community, please fill out the collaboration form located on the Contact page.

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