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A Mother's Story

Each year, when Mother's Day rolls around I find myself in a mix of emotions. While I feel a deep gratitude for our two babies God has blessed us with; I also think of the baby that "didn't stick around for long' but was still a life that was very much a part of me and a life that existed even if for only a fleeting time. I think back on a time when I had accepted I would not get to be a mother. The moment God rained his blessings on us after years of drought. And now, I think of all the women longing to be mother's themselves.

I choose this time in the springtime to reflect on the journey that brought our two boys into this world. How that journey opened my eyes to what health truly is. How it is what we eat, what we drink, what we breathe, what we absorb, what we see and hear; even the way our ancestors lived their lives and what they were exposed to throughout those lives.

For years, I tried desperately to dissect what had caused the infertility. Was it all the processed food? The ultra-pasteurized milk and then the switch to soy milk? Was it all the plastic microwave meals in college? Was it the chemicals in the makeup and hair products? Was it the dozens of vaccinations? Was it the high dosage of birth control at a young age as a "quick fix" to a heavy, long menstrual cycle? Was it the daily stress from attending public school and having two working parents? Was it the beloved memories of drinking from neighborhood hoses as children? Could it have even been the choices that my mother and her mother made not even realizing that it could affect me some day?

Dissecting all the possible toxins that unknowingly fill my early years and even generational toxins was certainly important for me to consider. Not because the past will change a dang thing for me now, but knowing the changes I choose to make for myself as an adult has set me on a path of monumental and miraculous healing I never knew possible before. Not only has reducing our families' toxic load created healing, but it has broken chains. Eliminating toxins from our lives will not only ensure my sons grow up to be healthy men, but that they will be equipped with the knowledge that will help them be strong leaders in their own family's health. That's the silver lining in my own journey. Maybe I suffered. But maybe the choices I make now will somehow ease my descendants sufferings down the road. More importantly, leaving them with something better. Making life a bit easier for them someday. And far healthier.

Now you see why offering non-toxic goods is so important to us here at The Rooted Market. What something is made of truly does matter to our family. And offering products that I know are going into other families' homes gives me a tremendous amount of peace each time an order goes out.

Here at The Rooted Market, we believe God gave us everything we could ever need to live a good, healthy life. We believe in the simple and pure. That we were designed perfectly to live in harmony with God's creation. While our world is toxic, we are a marketplace called to help reduce our customer's toxic load and maybe be a part of their healing story. This is why I am beyond thrilled to bring on small conservative beauty brands that are transparent about their goods and whose ingredients are as close to nature as possible. I sure hope ya'll love them as much as I do.

Proverbs 3:13-18


Owner and Shopkeeper


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