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Quiet Rebellion

If you're anything like me, someone desperately trying to retreat from the increasingly chaotic world around us, you probably do things a little different to purposely create that peace in every aspect of your life. If you're like me you probably seem a little odd to the majority of our society. Maybe you grow and raise your own food instead of relying on the mass food industry. Maybe you homeschool your children instead of relying on the mass government school system. Maybe you make your own clothes instead of relying on the wasteful fashion industry. Maybe you forage for your own medicine instead of relying on the greedy pharmaceutical industry. Maybe you do something as little as use cash to pay for your goods instead of scanning a digital code. Even if paper money is the extent of your rebellion against a world that is changing quicker than we can sneeze and sending us on a dangerous trajectory to doing everything in a controlled mass like a herd of cattle, if this past decade has you completely exhausted, you are not alone.

It's too much. It just is too much. And at some point most of us have asked ourselves when is it enough. When is it time to get off the ride?

For me, it was about 2 years ago right after the tragic scam of Covid began. And I boldly call it a scam. I went from being an actual OCD germaphobe before the virus scare. Prior to 2019, I had hand sanitizer on me at all times and found myself counting to 10 over and over throughout my day. By March of 2020, I was completely terrified my children would die from the mysterious virus of death. But something miraculous happened. I quickly began realizing things weren't adding up. By June, my common sense kicked into full gear and by that Fall the dam of my soul broke free. I would never see the world the same again. I no longer blindly trusted anyone of power. Realizing I was made to feel dumb and weak my whole life. And I had allowed myself to be reliant on systems that are still completely failing us all.

What happened next was the most liberating thing that could have ever happened to me. I invited Christ to live with me forever. I shed that person who the enemy had told was weak and incapable her entire life. That person who was afraid of everything and had debilitating anxiety. The Lord empowered me. He emboldened me. He strengthened me.

To show my overwhelming gratitude for bringing me to life, I asked God to use me in whatever way he needed me. It was very clear from the beginning of the whole mess that was the past 2 years that He needed warriors. People who would courageously speak The truth. Those who would be persecuted and gaslighted. Drug through the mud. Called crazy conspiracy theorists. Anti-vaxxers. Tinfoil hat-wearing extremists. I was even called a murderer on 2 different occasions. I was tarred and feathered. Persecuted and shamed. I was ignored, uninvited and unfriended. Online and in real life. Even by some of those closest to me. I was humiliated. Sometimes reducing me to tears. Kicked out of my son's Christian preschool for refusing to wear a mask. Asked never to return. Asked to leave stores. Worst of all, we left our church because the church swirled rumors of masks and vaccinated only services. The latter did not happen as far as I know. A lot of things talked about never happened. Not because the double-maskers suddenly snapped out of the mass psychosis. But instead because there were warriors fighting against it all. Standing up while the drowsy majority were lying down. Speaking the truth. Swimming against the stream. Holding strong in the storm. Navigating our shields through the arrows of the ignorant.

And inevitably putting down our shields to start doing things differently. Saying we'll never go back. I'll never go back. To being afraid. I'll never give over my power ever again. I'll never see the world the same. Instead I will do everything that rebels against the useless systems. The systems that have us scared. That have us sick. That have us exhausted. I quit the game. I choose to get off the ride.

I have put into place a number of measures to insure a life of sovereignty for me and my family. With the technology constantly overstepping our rights as individuals and as small businesses, we're putting measures in place to insure as much sovereignty over our business as possible as well. You'll notice we only accept credit cards and cash now. PayPal lost our trust months ago. And don't get me started with those ridiculous QR codes. Needless to say, we will not be accepting human digital chips ever.

Another measure we are having to take is leaving social media. Not only did all the major social media platforms participate in our persecution over the past 2 years but they still continue to. They've only decided to do it even quieter. Scheming up tricks that make us think they are doing something positive. Making us believe they are helping us all. That they are our tech saviors. Truly believing we are all just that dumb. While most of us are not dumb, we are distracted. And that's what the Zuckerberg's of this world are banking on. Literally.

We won't do it. We're not playing. Not anymore. They've made us think we need them to survive as a small business. But God works in the most mysterious of ways. He has been stirring me awake. Taking things away. Even people and animals I love. He jolts my soul to its core. Through each adversity he doubles me in strength. He sharpens my mind as I go through each obstacle that comes my way.

So where does that leave us as a business? Strengthened, sharpened, nourished, and now flourishing. We're excited as His vision for this shop comes fully alive. And the way he wants me to do things is unconventional. Not typical for today's businesses. He's made it clear He wants me to do things otherworldly. To trust in Him when I can not see how. Even as others tell me I'm nuts. "I saw your post today. You're getting off social media? Why?"

Why not is the question we should be asking ourselves. Ya'll, we've got to stop being slaves. To it all. Why not detach from something that is weighting us down and wasting our precious time? Something that makes us feel good when we open up our phone and deflatted when we shut it closed. Something that we reach for every chance we get. Why not break this addiction? Because if we can't say that's what social media is, then we truly are addicts.

Hi, I'm Casey and I'm addicted to social media. But I'm so ready not to be anymore. I'm ready for The Rooted Market to not be apart of my addiction either. I realize it's weakened me and made me dependent. It will take time for my brain to detach from the high social media gives me. So how do I break free? What's the cure?

Community. It dawned on me that community was the cure! Going back to in-person interactions. Handshakes and hugs. Talking and listening. Learning and doing. Putting our full focus on our villages again. That's the cure. That's the way we fight the tech agenda. We stop playing in their twisted game. We go back to reality. We go back. We return to what was perfectly good. We slow down. We learn how to be without it again. We fill our time with our hands. We fill our home with love. We keep speaking truth. We build a life of sovereignty. We trust in our Almighty. We do things differently. We create a quiet rebellion.


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