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The Process

I wanted to give our customers some insight on the process of how we go about choosing goods for The Rooted Market. It starts with our standards. When we first developed the idea of The Rooted Market, we created some pretty strict standards, not only for our vendors, but for ourselves as the retailer. We created these questions for every vendor and every item; What is it made of? Where are the materials sourced? Was it sourced ethically? Can it be proven? Where was it made? Was it shipped from North America? Who is the person making the product?

You can ask any of our vendors, we take our time to form an honest buying relationship. If a vendor isn’t being totally transparent or they do not meet our standards, we either pass on that brand totally or we ask them if they are willing to make some changes. How can they make their packing more eco-friendly? Is it possible to switch out toxic ingredients for clean ones? Are they committed to finding ethically-sourced materials or producers? I know this is unorthodox for a brand new company. But I’ve said it time and time again, every time an ethical decision arises, we won’t compromise these standards.

We’re creating something that doesn’t exist. That needs to exist. If we didn’t ask all of these questions, we would simply be another home decor business. We’d be in this for all the surface level reasons. But we’re not. We’re in this for something bigger than making a buck or having fun. Although, I do find in-depth research and our buying method fulfilling. As a buyer and thoughtful consumer, I’m passionate about finding the best. The best goods. The best materials. The best creators. Because when you find those great brands, and you make that connection with the people behind the brand, it’s thrilling for both sides.

While I am committed to finding ethically-sourced and non-toxic products, I’m not perfect. My fear is that I will miss something. That I will leave a stone unturned. Maybe it’s inevitable. But I will do everything in my power to make sure what our customers purchase for their homes isn’t harming them or the person that made it for them. Our mission at The Rooted Market is to do the research for you. To dig and hunt and ask the tough questions and provide the detailed answers so you don’t have to stress about where, what and who when it comes to the goods in your home. So you don’t have to be perfect. I’ll stress over all that for you. Like I said, a bigger purpose.

With that said, I will be sharing all of the information I have about some unfortunate truths regarding the American consumer and production industry. Being truly informed on the products we buy, from foods to cleaning products to beauty to what we store our food in, should be a basic priority by all Americans. When we demand better, cleaner, healthier, we take back our power as citizens and become truly sovereign beings.


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